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During Prom season contact a store and register to receive $50 off the retail rental price. You can pick from the latest designer styles and color for a perfect match.

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Checkout our line of great looks for tuxedos and suits that you can customize. We offer $50 off rent savings when you register with a store.

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Your school can sign up and receive up to $60 off each rental and we'll donate $10 for every rental to your school’s prom committee.

Popular prom formal wear looks.

Front view of the Avanti Blue Plaid suit

Blue Plaid Notch Suit

$145 – $245

Front view of the Lenox grey tuxedo

Light Grey Notch Tuxedo

$165 – $265

Front view of the Ivory Shawl Tuxedo

Ivory Shawl Tuxedo

$145 – $245