Visit any formalwear specialist near you to be fitted for your tuxedo or suit rental.  A proper fitting will include trying on garments to verify sizing accuracy.  Then contact the store coordinating your event with your measurements to place your order.  The locations displayed below include both Skeffington's Formalwear as well as other specialists nationwide.  If you do not find a specialist in your area via the map below, we encourage you to search local reviews and/or call the store coordinating your event for assistance.

1 Get Fitted Near Home
Download and print the groomsman measurement form. Find a fitting location near you or visit a local formalwear specialist or tailor to get measured.

2 Submit Measurements Online
Submit your professional measurements and payment securely online to the store coordinating your event.

3 Pick Up & Return Rental
Try on and pick up your tuxedo at the location coordinating your event. Please arrive 24 hours before your event to allow our staff to properly serve you and make any necessary adjustments. Celebrate in style and then return your garments.
Groomsmen Fittings